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Nursing Home Queen

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DORIS GOLDBERG An Aging Woman With A Young Heart This, my Winter house, Has dim and dusty windows; A girl laughs within. CONNIE CONNELLY Nursing Home Queen Gold blows in the wind As the evening catches her mood. The sun is still strong, The moon lingers. Melted snow falls from her cheeks As she speaks of the dead husband. All is wintry for her, She no longer sees gentle gold leaves. In the cold She feels the heat of pain As she explains in her senile way "I'm putting the pieces of fire in their proper places. And in the middle Of her mutterings She stopped to compliment me, Saying I was young to think the way I do. Her mind is as confused As a cloud on a sea of winds, Yet I think her heart knows all And I'm glad I've touched that source of great knowledge. 31 Connelly, Connie. "Nursing Home Queen." The Cornfield Review 4 (1979): 31. Available online at Copyright held by the author.

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