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On Biblical Hebrew and Computer Science: Inspiration, Models, Tools, And Cross-fertilization

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  • Computer Science


Eep Talstra's work has been an inspiration to maby researchers, both within and outside of the field of Old Testament scholarship. Among others, Crist-Jan Doedens and the present author have been heavily influenced by Talstra in their own work within the field of computer science. The present article describes som f the ways in which Talstra's work has influenced the work of Doedens and the present author, and som of the outcomes that have sprung of Doedens are described, including their decendants, the EMdF model and the MQL query language as implemented in the Emdros corpus query system of the present author. In addition, the tools surrounding Emdros, including SESB, Libronis, and the Emdros Query Tool, are described. Ecamples Biblical Hebrew scholar. Thus the inspiration of Talstra comes full-circle: from Biblical Hebrew databases to computer science and back into Biblical Hebrew scholarship.

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