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Some Recent Studies of Reproduction and Associated Endocrines *

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SOME RECENT STUDIES OF REPRODUCTION AND ASSOCIATED ENDOCRINES* EDGAR ALLEN It has been my good fortune during the past 5 or 6 years at Yale to work with several men concentrating on problems in reproduction, many of which have involved reactions to sex hormones. One important problem was to see how far we could force normal growth into the abnormal,-in other words, to see just how important hor- monal stimulation might be as a factor in the production of cancer in female genital organs. As an incentive we had the considered opinion of an outstanding eastern gynecologist, who stated that he thought that ovarian hormones had very little to do with mammary or uterine cancer. As far as my own viewpoint was concerned, the beginning was an appreciation of follicular hormone as a growth stimulator of female genital tissues, and foundation work, done in collaboration with Dr. M. D. Overholser at the University of Missouri, which attempted to produce cervical cancer in monkeys by excessive estro- genic treatment.39 40 Abnormal growths were induced which looked histologically precancerous, but they retrogressed quickly after hor- mone treatment was stopped. Apparently the stimulus was not great enough or the defense mechanism of the monkey was too resistant. In the early stages of the work at Yale several favorable factors came into play. First, the opportunity of affiliating Dr. L. C. Strong and his colony of inbred cancer mice with the department. The second fortunate factor was the collaboration of Dr. William U. *From the Department of Anatomy, Yale University School of Medicine. Parts of this material served as basis for a paper at the 55th meeting of the American Association of Anatomists at Harvard University, April 8, 1939, and other parts for the Schiff Lecture at Cornell University, May 11, 1939. The work herein sum- marized could not have been attempted without the generous support of various foundations and research funds. Grateful acknowledgement is made of grants from the National Resear

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