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Trusted Anonymous Authentication Scheme for Trusted Network Connection in Mobile Environment

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  • Trusted Computing
  • Mobile Network
  • Trusted Network Connection
  • Authentication
  • Computer Science


Technologies make the mobile terminals such as smart phones, PDAs and handsets much more powerful to access mobile network in recent years. Especially with the widely use of mobile terminals, mobile network now becomes a primary tool for daily and business interactions. However, the proliferation of mobile terminals also draws mobile malware’s attention which will do damage to the mobile terminal and further affect the security of mobile network. But the traditional access control and authentication mechanism cannot resolve such security issues. On the basis of trusted computing technology, we proposed a mobile trusted network architecture by extending the trusted network connection in mobile environment. And an improvement EAP-EHash method is used in the proposed architecture to implement authentication. We defined two service scenarios in the authentication scheme, home network authentication and roaming network authentication. The process of each scenario is described in detail. By introducing the pseudonym mechanism, our scheme can protect user identity. And the connection status not only depends on the identification process, but also the trust status of the platform. The analysis shows that our scheme benefits the properties of user identity anonymity, mutual authentication, fake agent resistance, platform integrity verification, EAP and TNC Compatible. And the ciphersuite negotiation makes our scheme more suitable for resource limited mobile terminals.

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