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Convergence and budget questions. Communication from the Commission to the Council. COM (80) 50 final, 5 February 1980

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COMMiSSION OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES (~(IC) ~ h\fti~ I'Vi~'~i6 )~~ f~~r~~r CONVERGENCE AND OUOGETARY QUESTIONS (ColU!unh:~ti()n trOll the Co_iuion to thfr Council) ",,(Q,,\) ';0 $;"'11 (~t"I~~ ~I ~T'Rf OOtsnON! .~f~OOU(fl~Ji.. 1.. A~ iU "t~~~ 00 ~9/30Nov~bf:'" th~ Eu"of)~4)n Counc:H f'~iJth~ (~r~~in ~ontl~~too' on conv~f~~nt~ ~nd bYdg~t~ry qU~$t~on~.. fho~~ ~.~~1n~ in thi~ ~~nic~t1on ~f~: rh~ to~eH r~~Hil'~~d th~ tondu!:don~ r€UH:h~d 4H UH~~r m~'iHhw~~ in OrU~UH:ls ~d P~rh th()t ltCMCtV~IIf1'H of th~ eonv~r9~n~~ of ~(~iC ~~...form~nc~ r~u~r~~ a~~'ur~~ (or wht~h tht! M~I'I\~r St~h~~ c:onc~rn~d~r~ prill~d ly r~~pon~~~\~, ~h~H ((\.maRjnf~yooUth:~ c~n ~nri tI'IU~t rHlty ~ fiUPOOf'tin~ roi~ \&Hhtn ~~ (I"~a(t~o"k of i'H~!"'~fI~~d ,oUdl;rhy and th~t ~H~P$ my~t t~~~n to ~tr~"9th~n th~ ~C:Qnomtc: pot~nti~l of th~ l~~'J!. pron~~rOYf% tountd.,~ of tht Co/!'lll1un'hy. TO th~~~ ~~d~ ~~~ Eyr~~~~n Coune; l ~xpr~~~td ~ t~ d~t~r~in~t ion to pr~otc ~~~ ~doot;on of ~~~5ur~~ to improve th~ wor~ift9 of COI'!H~unhy poUdt'.:J.. to l"f1il1forCQ tho~~ poUchs rnQ$Ot;~ly to !~....ou:'" the h..,I""on!ou~ 9rowth of th~ etono~h~$ of the Mc~b~r St~t~~ Mod to r~duc~ th~ di~p~fiti~~ b~twc~~ these econo~ie~. rh~y furth~r d~cl~rcd the need, particul~rly with ~ view the ~t3r9cmcnt of th~ Co~unity and neCC553ry provi~ion~ for I'1cd h~r!"()rH.H)n 4:'t9r h:ultut'Q to SH(!ngthen Cvmmunity 4)C: ~on the structur~l field. The EurOPc~n Council hag carried out J thorough examination of the problem of the British contribution to th~ Community budget. ! t Yd$ agreed that the Cornmi 5~ ion ' $ proposals concerning the .ad,JPtatiel'\ of the Hnanciol mechanism covld constitvte C) useful ba.$15 (or a sotut ion which would respect Commvni ty achievement ~nd $ol iclarity. This solution should not result in raising the , ocr cf'.n'!: VAT ceil ino;.;. In addition .. ~nc Commission is rCQuC$t~d to pursue the examination of proposals for developing ~upptcmcnt~ry Communi ty measures wi thin the Un; ted Kingd

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