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Letter from Joshua Lederberg to Velhagen & Klasing Publishers

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July 29, 13&P Dr. A. 1Jaumann Velhagen & Klasing 1000 Berlin 31 Bincer Strabe 67 CERMA3Y Dear Dr. Nauxnann: Thank you for your interest in my article on "genetic invention." I am happy to add my owpl approval for the republic&ion of the German translation of this article, furnished to you by "Die ZeitH9 for inclusion in your text book "Britain and America!'. I will ask you to aend me a copy of the book when it appears in print. The article originally appeared in ??nglish as a column in "he Slashington Post, dated ??ovember )', 1967, and you should make reference to this source. It will also appear in a collection of my articles to be published by Doubleday, Sew York. Judging from similar previous experiences I believe I have the right to offer you the use of a single article for such a book. However if you are in any anxiety about this I suggest that you communicate directly with Doubleday, to the attention of %ss Maureen Mahon. Sincerely, Joshua Lederherg, Professor of Genetics JL/gem

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