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The Other and Emptiness: The Encounter between East and West in Postmodern Ethics and Literature 타자와 공: 포스트모던윤리학과 문학에서의 동서양의 만남

NRF KRM(Korean Research Memory)
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On the basis of this philosophical study of critical theory I will explore Western literature, especially Gothic fiction in which the other, the outside of the self, turns out to be monstrous. Immersed in the Gothic mood of Gothic novel, the reader experiences a pre-reflective, or transcendent, aesthetic impetus that overflows the unsettling feelings of ordinary terror. Exploring this ?excess? of the terror and horror mood as emptiness from the perspective of Levinasian ethics allows it to be seen as the ethical realm where the reader encounters the other?the outside of both her comprehension of the story and her fundamental egotism. I will also analyze how East and Western thought confront and merge in the novels by contemporary Asian American writers. This study is on the basis of, but greatly beyond what I have explored in my writings and other academic activities so far.

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