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Lattice thermal conductivity of K2(Bi1−zSbz)8Se13K2(Bi1−zSbz)8Se13 solid solutions

The American Institute of Physics
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The family of solid solutions of the type β-K2(Bi1−zSbz)8Se13 (0<z⩽1)β-K2(Bi1−zSbz)8Se13 (0<z⩽1) was studied with respect to thermal conductivity as a function of temperature and stoichiometry. At low temperature, the variation of lattice thermal conductivity with composition shows a transition from a typical crystalline to glasslike behavior. Analysis of the high-temperature data shows a contribution due to the mixed occupation of Bi/Sb crystallographic sites as well as an additional contribution due to point defects. © 2004 American Institute of Physics.

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