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Replication of Mengovirus in HeLa Cells Preinfected with Nonreplicating Poliovirus

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  • Animal Viruses
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The replication of mengovirus in HeLa cells preinfected with poliovirus in the presence of 10−3 M guanidine was investigated. Although host cell protein synthesis is inhibited by the presence of nonreplicating poliovirus, it is found that mengovirus ribonucleic acid (RNA) and protein synthesis proceed normally under the same conditions. Furthermore, no effects on mengovirus growth by poliovirus can be detected either when Mengo protein synthesis is interrupted by Acti-Dione or when its RNA synthesis is reduced by incubation at 28 C. It is suggested that the poliovirus inhibitory factor may be able to distinguish between an RNA element required in the protein-synthesizing apparatus of the host cell and a comparable element in that of the heterologous virus.

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