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Loss, poverty, or revitalization and return of urban traditional culture and community spirit?

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  • 120100 Architecture
  • Traditional Culture
  • Traditional Preservation Of Local Architectures And Historic Street
  • Human
  • Scale
  • Community Spirit And Self
  • Identity


From the three aspects of the conservation of traditional architecture, creation of human-scale urban environment, and returning of self-identity community spirit, the paper is exploring the essence of the preservation, utilization and sustainable redevelopment for the heritage cities in 21st century. Nowadays, every country in the world knows China is explosively developing its urban area. How to rethink of the community spirit and human-scale city culture, improve the city pride and unique self-identity of a citizen, and save current loss of urban culture are existing significant problems of rapidly urbanizing China. We must deal with the existing loss of the urban culture and its community spirit, when facing the frustrating sameness of the boring urban form and non-human scale landscape. The paper raises the key points of the revitalization of unique urban cultural tradition of a city, a human-scale urban environment and the inspiring self-identity of local community spirit, in order to fundamentally regain the recognition of the unique urban traditional culture and self-identity of community spirit. To seriously protect individual buildings or old streets cannot critically change the loss of the traditional culture of a whole city. Only to reshape a systematic preservation of traditional street culture, human-scale urban environment and community spirit is valuable for improvement of respectful cities in the contemporary 21st century.

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