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Barocaloric properties of quaternary Mn3(Zn,In)N for room temperature refrigeration applications

  • Boldrin, D
  • Cohen, L
  • Mendive-Tapia, E
  • Zemen, J
  • Staunton, JB
  • Gomes, AM
  • Ghivelder, L
  • Halpin, J
  • Gibbs, A
  • Aznar, A
  • Tamarit, J-L
  • Lloveras, P
  • Moya, X
  • Cohen, LF
Publication Date
Sep 01, 2021
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The magnetically frustrated manganese nitride antiperovskite family display significant changesof entropy under hydrostatic pressure that can be useful for the emerging field of barocaloric cool-ing. Here we show that barocaloric properties of metallic antiperovskite Mn nitrides can be tai-lored for room temperature application through quaternary alloying.We find an enhanced en-tropy change of ∆St= 37 J K−1kg−1at theTt= 300 K antiferromagnetic transition of quater-nary Mn3Zn0.5In0.5N relative to the ternary end-members.The pressure-driven barocaloric entropychange of Mn3Zn0.5In0.5N reaches ∆SBCE= 20 J K−1kg−1in 2.9 kbar.Our results open up a largephase space where new compounds with improved barocaloric properties may be found.

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