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Barns upplevelser av våld i nära relation : Konsekvenser och hälsofrämjande faktorer

  • Noon, Lina
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Jan 01, 2024
DiVA - Academic Archive On-line
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About 14 percent of children and young people witness relational violence of various kinds between close relatives. Violence in intimate relationships affects children's mental and physical health as well as social relationships. When and how their need for help is met is important for their vulnerability and ability to recover. Unlike violence by unknown perpetrators that occurs in the public space, intimate partner violence is most often perpetrated in the home, which should be a protected place, by a person who should be one of the victim's most secure relationships. The purpose of this study was to compile existing research on how witnessing violence in close relationships affects children's health, education and future career life, and to identify health-promoting factors that can contribute to benefiting the health of children exposed to partner-related violence in the home. The results showed that children who witness intimate partner violence (IPV) suffer short- and long-term consequences in the form of physical and mental health problems as well as challenges in their social relationships, academic performance and future career possibiliti

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