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Barns perspektiv på fritidshemmet och skolan : En kvalitativ intervjuundersökning om barns upplevelse av skolans och fritidshemmets samverkan

  • Sandberg, Catharina
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Jan 01, 2012
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Who is integrating school-holiday home? It is for the teachers, recreational pedagogue or the students? How do the students think and act to keep the different activities apart? My purpose was to study how children sort the day between school and recreational home interactions. The issues were: How do they distinguish between the different activities during the day?  See the students their stay after school program as part of the school day? Who decides whether you have to go to school, and whether you have to go to after school program? And do you really have to? I have interviewed six students at an elementary school, based from a phenomenographic perspective, I've used myself of issues that students have been able to respond from a school perspective and after-school perspective. My interview questions have been comparative in nature, where the same question have given different answers depending on whether the question focused on school or the afterschool program. Do you have to go to school/afterschool program? When are you at school/afterschool program? How do you know that you are in school or afterschool program? I have analyzed the interviews, from a child's perspective.  My results show that children can make a difference when they are at school and when they are in the afterschool program. The majority of the six students who I interviewed divide their day between work and play. They related work during the lessons and play to the afterschool program. Some of the interviewed students also made a distinction between the offices, subjects, friends and staff categories. I can also see a tendency for differences in the response that can be related to how old they are, and in what grade they are in.

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