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The oath of pTurin 1880, vs 2,8-19. A reading of the construction iw bn sDm.f with historical implications

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  • Strike Papyrus
  • Amennakhte
  • Oath
  • Subjunctive
  • Negation
  • Circumstantial
  • Subjonctif
  • Négation
  • Circonstancielle
  • Papyrus De La Grève
  • Serment
  • Arts & Humanities :: Languages & Linguistics [A05]
  • Arts & Sciences Humaines :: Langues & Linguistique [A05]
  • Arts & Humanities :: History [A04]
  • Arts & Sciences Humaines :: Histoire [A04]
  • Arts & Humanities :: Classical & Oriental Studies [A03]
  • Arts & Sciences Humaines :: Etudes Classiques & Orientales [A03]


Based on several examples, it is suggested that the best reading for the construction "iw bn sDm.f" (i.e. the negation of the subjunctive in a circumstantial) is undoubtedly "it is impossible for him to hear". In the case of the oath sworn by the doorkeeper Khaemwaset in the “Turin Strike Papyrus” (pTurin 1880, vs 2,8-19) that was written down by Amennakhte, this reading is likely to put some light on the events which took place in Deir el-Medina during the last years of Ramesses 3.

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