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Ekologické zemědělství a jeho dopady na společnost

Česká zemědělská univerzita v Praze
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  • Ekologické Zemědělství
  • Biopotravina
  • Konvenční Zemědělství
  • Modernizace Společnosti
  • Rizika Moderní Společnosti
  • Konverze
  • Trvale Udržitelný Rozvoj
  • Spotřebitel
  • Organic Agriculture
  • Organic
  • Conventional Agriculture
  • Modernization Of Society
  • The Risks Of Modern Society
  • Conversion
  • Permanently Sustainable Development
  • Consumer
  • Agricultural Science


This thesis deals with organic agriculture. The main target is to determine, whether are apparent in attitudes of consumer reflections risks of modern society, which are listed and discussed in the theoretical part. It examined whether mentioned risks are reflected in the consumer behavior of consumers normal foodstuffs or more of consumers organic foodstuffs. The theoretical part of this thesis first examines what is organic farming, which has principles and objectives. This part describes the conventional agriculture and his risks that are described in chapter risk society. Finally, the thesis lists birth and development of organic agriculture. In the empirical part has been answered the main research question and other particular issues which relating to lack of interest in organic food and reasons why consumers buy organic food. In conclusion are summarizes findings of literature review as well as the practical part, which are given below own hypothese from results analysis.

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