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Orientering om PRRS

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Publications journalExtension.volume journalExtension.pages journalAssociation.title mainResearchArea.mainResearchArea organisations[0] organisations[0].organisation.organisation organisations[1] organisations[1].organisation.organisation organisations[2] organisations[2].organisation.organisation externalPublication persons[0] persons[0].person.employeeId persons[0].personRole persons[0].firstName persons[0].lastName persons[0].organisations title owner.owner typeClassification.typeClassification publicationStatus.publicationStatus publicationDate.year uuid id created modified modifiedBy creator remoteOrigin keywordGroups[0].logicalName keywordGroups[0.0].freeKeywords[da_DK] sourceLicensesDismissed Source: orbit visibility language.language acceptedDuplicate submissionYear publicationCategory.publicationCategory peerReview workflowInformations[0] markedForRevalidation isiIndexed 56 11-15 3386703 SVS/SVIV Information Technical/natural sciences 3566 Sektion for Eksotiske Virussygdomme - Former organisational unit. 01/11/12. Taken over by Section for Virology 3479 Division of Virology - Former organisational unit. 01/11/12. 2956 National Veterinary Institute 768158 39017 Author Anette Bøtner Sektion for Eksotiske Virussygdomme, Division of Virology, National Veterinary Institute Orientering om PRRS 2956 National Veterinary Institute Journal article Published 1997 44901488-2766-4589-b220-72225b2bef22 3386702 2/26/12 2/26/12 soeren soeren keywordContainers 241386 FREE Danish 1997 Research validated

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