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Justification of the application of tightening elements in the shaft- hub joint

Croatian Metallurgical Society (CMS)
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  • Glavčina
  • Vratilo
  • Spoj Trenjem
  • Tangencijalni Spoj
  • Stezni Element
  • Hub
  • Shaft
  • Frictional Joint
  • Tangential Joint
  • Tightening Element
  • Economics


Today, in the small-series production, a universally adopted way of joining the hubs of driving or driven components with the shaft is by using a key. In addition to the basic requirement to be fulfilled by a joint – a reliable transfer of torque with or without axial and radial force – the joint has to have additional technical features (overload protection by slipping,, changeable rotational direction, axial and radial adjustability, centring accuracy, radial clearance, etc.) and has to meet economic requirements. An increasing number of practical hub-shaft joint applications using friction and tightening elements in particular, prove that the usage of aforementioned method is in expansion. This can be attributed to the development of innovative types of tightening elements with reduced manufacturing cost and production time.

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