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Bacteriological evaluation of a down-draught necropsy table ventilation system.

  • W al-Wali
  • C C Kibbler
  • J E McLaughlin
Publication Date
Aug 01, 1993
  • Biology
  • Medicine


AIMS--To evaluate the microbiological efficacy of a down-draught necropsy table ventilation system (which surrounds the cadaver with a "curtain" of air under continuous extraction) during post mortem procedures. METHODS--Air sampling was carried out both in the presence and absence of staff and cadaver and during a full post mortem procedure, with functioning and non-functioning table air extraction. The penetration of the air "curtain" was also examined during the use of an oscillating bone saw by means of a tracer organism, Bacillus subtilis var niger, painted on to the skull. RESULTS--There was little difference between bacterial counts obtained in the presence of staff only, staff plus cadaver, or during a post mortem examination. With all counts obtained, however, there was a two to three-fold reduction when the ventilation was in operation compared with when the extract duct was occluded. Using the tracer organism, a two to three log reduction in counts was shown when the "curtain" was in operation during the use of the oscillating bone saw. CONCLUSIONS--These results suggest that the system provides potential protection for post mortem room staff against airborne infections.

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