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Back on track: Redeveloping the railway zone in Gouda:

  • Angkotta, Y.T.
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Jun 28, 2013
TU Delft Repository
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A railway station is one of the most important elements of modern cities. The station is of vital importance to shops and other economic functions in the city centre because of the constant flow of people going in and out of the city. At present, many Dutch cities saw the necessity of redeveloping their railway station environments. Every railway station environment has an own identity, and therefore its own potentials. Analyzing the integration of railway stations within their city’s urban fabric is one of the ways to determine those potentials. Many current regeneration projects are only focused on the connectivity on a regional scale. Often the local accessibility is considered as less important. A lot has been written about the quality and liveability of public space already. The public space in the vicinity of a railway station is one of the most important public urban spaces in a city. It is the first space people experience when arriving in the city. However, in many current railway station environment redevelopment projects the liveability does not get priority. Many different factors have resulted in railway station environments that are unpleasant places to be, cut off from their surroundings. This is where the challenges lie for the nearby future in the Netherlands, to regain the importance of the railway station and the railway network, especially in a large metropolitan area like the Randstad. These two currently subordinated aspects; the spatial integration and the liveability of railway station environments will be emphasized in this MSc thesis. The project location of this thesis is the railway zone in Gouda. The spatial potential and the liveability of the current situation have been analyzed, as well as the changes the existing plans of the municipality of Gouda will make. As final product of this graduation project an alternative urban renewal plan has been developed for the railway zone in Gouda.

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