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Phonetic Disorders in Complete Upper Denture Wearers

School of Dental Medicine, University of Zagreb, Croatian Dental Society - Croatian Medical Association
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Articulation is the production of speech sounds in any language. These sounds are minimal units of speech and in isolation do not have any meaning. Words are formed only when speech sounds are combined. Every individual produces speech sounds in a different way, thus producinga different acoustic effect. Different modes of sound production create different forms of sounds which are appropriately classified into phonemes. The research included 50 patients with complete upper dentures, and deals with the effect of dimension, retention and duration of speech. Dimension was measured on 6 points which are relevant to soundmaking, retention was graded on a scale 1-4 and duration was between 0-5 years. Words with sounds in which the palate affects their articulation were chosen, and sounds produced by all the patients were recorded. The soundmaking was analyzed and compared with the soundmaking of the control group, which comprised 50 students with all their natural teeth. The results obtained by statistical analysis show that accommodation has a significant effect on accurate soundmaking. Moreover,they also point to the fact that accurate dimension and good retention must be included. Only harmony of all three elements ensures good results of prosthodontic therapy.

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