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Some aspects of regulation of fat body lipolytic activity inGalleria mellonella

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DOI: 10.1016/0022-1910(73)90164-9


Abstract The degradation of 14C-trioleate by the homogenate of fat body of normally developing specimens of both sexes of Galleria mellonella at different days after the larval-pupal ecdysis, and of specimens subjected to different experiments was studied. It has been confirmed that the lipolytic activity of female fat body being low after the larval-pupal ecdysis, rises distinctly by about 6 days later. In contrast to this, the lipolytic activity of this tissue in males is high and does not appear to undergo changes. Ovariotectomy causes a significant fall of lipolytic activity. Preincubation of fat body of ovariotectomized females in the medium containing ovaries of pharate adults 6 days after the larval-pupal ecdysis brings about a rise of lipolytic activity of this tissue.

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