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Status of mathematical publication in Japan: SPARC Japan and institutional repositories play an essential role

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When we use MathSciNet, we can find a number of mathematical journals published in Japan. However, it is uncertain how many different titles of mathematical journals are published and how many articles appeared in them. We should have been aware of this fact. For example, about 10 titles of major mathematical journals, which are supported by SPARC Japan, IR of Kyoto University Library, and IR of the University of Tokyo Library, account for approximately 5 to 10 percent of articles in certain research fields in the world (Figure 1). Also, we can note from this figure that the number of articles published in Japan is not far behind the number published by Springer and Elsevier. From these facts, it is clear that SPARC Japan and institutional repositories play an important role for mathematical publications in the world. These major journals contain about 1000 articles each. However, according to MathSciNet, there are over 100 titles of mathematical journals and university bulletins containing less than 200 articles each. Including these titles, contributions of Japanese mathematical publication to the world will achieve more recognition.

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