Wholesomeness, nutritional and market value of liquid fermented dairy products

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Wholesomeness, nutritional and market value of liquid fermented dairy products

Croatian Dairy Union; [email protected]
  • Yoghurt
  • Jogurt
  • Fermentirani MliječNi Proizvodi
  • Fermented Dairy Products
  • Zdravstvena
  • Prehrambena I TržIšNa Vrijednost
  • žIve Bakterije MliječNe Kiseline
  • PotrošNja I TržIšTe
  • Wholesomeness
  • Nutritive And Market Value
  • Viable Lactic Acid Bacteria
  • Consumption And Market


Fermented dairy products are generally considered as healthy and of high nutritional value for all segments of population and very useful in prevention of different deseases. More extensive offer of traditional and new varieties of yoghurt and similar products, their nutritive and market value, "functional" and probiotic properties have recently been attracting special attention of the economy and broader professional public. Viable acid lactic bacteria that are brought into organism with fermented dairy products have favourable effect on healthy intestine microflora regeneration. The quantity of fermented dairy products in domestic population's nutrition is unsatisfactory. Increasing consumption of such products could be achieved through systematic stressing of their value in nutrition of specific consumer groups (ie. children, elderly people, students, intellectuals etc.), advantages of increased consumption of fortified products (fruit-yoghurt, products with added cereals, vitamins and minerals, use of probiotic cultures etc.) and in their more effective commercialisation.

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