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Novel Nonstructural Protein 4 Genetic Group in Rotavirus of Porcine Origin

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
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DOI: 10.3201/eid1404.07111
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Letters.indd LETTERS References 1. Schriefer ME, Sacci JB Jr, Dumler JS, Bullen MG, Azad AF. Identifi cation of a novel rickettsial infection in a patient di- agnosed with murine typhus. J Clin Mi- crobiol. 1994;32:949–54. 2. Zavala-Velasquez JE, Ruiz-Sosa JA, Sanchez-Elias RA, Becerra-Carmona G, Walker DH. Rickettsia felis in Yucatan. Lancet. 2000;356:1079–80. 3. Richter J, Fournier P, Petridou J, Hauss- inger D, Raoult D. Rickettsia felis infec- tion acquired in Europe and documented by polymerase chain reaction. Emerg In- fect Dis. 2002;8:207–8. 4. Rolain J-M, Franc M, Davoust B, Raoult D. Molecular detection of Bartonella quintana, B. koehlerae, B. henselae, B. clarridgeiae, Rickettsia felis, and Wolba- chia pipientis in cat fl eas, France. Emerg Infect Dis. 2003;9:338–42. 5. Jiang J, Soeatmadji DW, Henry KM, Ratiwayanto S, Bangs MJ, Richards AL. Rickettsia felis in Xenopsylla cheo- pis, Java, Indonesia. Emerg Infect Dis. 2006;12:1281–3. 6. Hopkins GH, Rothschild M. An illustrated catalogue 1 of the Rothschild collection of fl eas (Siphonaptera) in the British Muse- um (Natural History). With keys and short descriptions for the identifi cation of fami- lies, genera, species and subspecies of the order. Vol. IV, Ctenophthalmidae, Dino- psyllidae, Doratopsyllidae and Listropsyl- lidae. London: British Museum (Natural History); 1966. 7. Regnery RL, Spruill CL, Plikaytis BD. Genotypic identifi cation of rickettsiae and estimation of intraspecies sequence diver- gence for portions of two rickettsial genes. J Bacteriol. 1991;173:1576–89. 8. Bertolotti L, Tomassone L, Tramuta C, Greco E, Amore G, Ambrogi C, et al. Bor- relia lusitaniae and spotted fever group rickettsia in Ixodes ricinus (Acari: Ixodi- dae) in Tuscany, central Italy. J Med Ento- mol. 2006;43:159–65. 9. Venzal JM, Perez-Martinez L, Félix ML, Portillo A, Blanco JR, Oteo JA. Prevalence of Rickettsia felis in Ctenocephalides felis and Ctenocephalides canis fr

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