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Effect of platelet-rich plasma on cell adhesion, cell migration, and myofibroblastic differentiation in human gingival fibroblasts

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  • Growth-Factor-Beta
  • Smooth Muscle Actin
  • In-Vitro
  • Extracellular-Matrix
  • Stem-Cells
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Background: Platelet-rich plasma is a blood-derived fraction that contains a high concentration of platelets and growth factors. It was proposed that the use of this platelet concentrate stimulates tissue repair. However, little is known about the biologic response of gingival fibroblasts to platelet's derived growth factors. In the present study, we evaluated whether platelet-rich plasma modulated cell adhesion, cell migration, and myofibroblastic differentiation in primary cultures of human gingival fibroblasts. Methods: We studied the response of primary cultures of gingival fibroblasts to thrombin-activated platelet-rich plasma fractions. Cell adhesion was evaluated through a colorimetric assay. Cell spreading, actin cytoskeleton remodeling, and focal adhesion distribution were assessed through light and immunofluorescence microscopy. Cell migration was analyzed using a bicameral cell culture system. Smooth muscle actin production was studied through Western blotting. Results: Exposure of gingival fibroblasts to platelet-rich plasma stimulated adhesion and spreading of cells on fibronectin matrices, the development of actin-enriched cellular extensions, and formation of focal adhesions. Platelet-rich plasma also promoted cell migration and invasion through a reconstituted basement membrane matrix. Differentiation into the myofibroblastic phenotype, assessed through the production of smooth muscle actin, was also stimulated by platelet-rich plasma preparations. Conclusion: Platelet-rich plasma may modulate several cell responses potentially involved in wound healing such as cell adhesion, cell migration, and myofibroblastic differentiation.

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