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Folder 753: Stevens, Anne Winn, and Carter (interviewers): Tenant Trouble



I Ti' , I -i - \ I , .J TENANT TROUBLE NC-'l-76 ~-!/' Georgetown, B.C. Asheville-Leicester Highway W.J. Thompson (white) !nae Winn Stevens, writer Douglas Carter. reviser "~ father," said Bill Turner, "owned a corn mill baok in the mountains. It's an old-fashioned one with a big water wheel. One of ~ brothers still owns it. Fa; was right proud of the meal he ground. He had it put up in bags with his name stamped on each bag. All the country stores for miles around carried it. Fa made good money. When I was a kid. I used to help deliver the meal to the storekeepers. I used to think I'd like to run the mill ~self when I grew up. I did try it for two years after Fa di ad. I made good money, but the mill is looated in an out-of-the-w~ place, and the surroundings are pretty wild. It's no place to raise a family these dqs. "After I married, I took up dairying. I-fy wife' 9 oldest sister was married to a dairyman. You can see his place next door." He pointed to the neat white farmhous e beside the tree-sha.ded stream near the highw~. and to its neat concrete barns and outbuildings. "Two of her brot hers was in the dair,y business. They all live in this neighborhood. Naturally. I tried dairying. I've stuck to it right steady ever since, except the two years I tried running the corn mill. "The biggest trouble a landowner has." Bill declares. "is getting 99'2 men on his place who are willing to work. Now, last year I had a 25- acre farm just out of tOFn, and I put a man by the name of Ben Andrews to run it for me. I got Ben off the county. He's about 50 years old. and he's ab1ebodied. He has a wife and seven children. At that time they was allan relief • . His wife was workin ' in a sewing room. and they got commodities off the county. "I rented the place from a Mr. Reynolds for $200 a year. and. I thought I could raise most of ~ feed there. It's a good farm. Most of my place here is pasture land

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