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European Union directives in poultry production cages: alternative production of table eggs- implementation practice

Croatian society of agronomist
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Croatia is in the process of becoming an EU member, and this process implies the implementation of complete legislation, and, partially, of the EC Council Directives for minimum standards for the protection of laying hens. this implementation is necessary, and if Croatia starts with this process sooner, the process will be less painful for producers. Considering the situation in table egg production, further investment in the production is necessary, to increase the production efficiency and legally regulate the implementation of minimum standards for the protection of laying hens. At the moment, it is too early to give a general recommendation as to the type of table egg production, as even inside the EU there are different opinions and directions. A good way could be to follow the countries that became EU members in 2004. On the basis of their experiences, it will be possible to prepare a recommendation which will satisfy the opinions of producers, the Government and of consumers. In general, it can be concluded: Maintaining the existing situation is not possible. The implementation of regulations on the floor space per hen can jeopardize economical production figures. The implementation of EU regulations on cages may prove less painful, as the main part of conventional cage regulation is over 20 years old and need to be changed any way. The implementation of alternative systems can be most useful as to the legislation implementation; it may, however, prove troublesome, as there is still no legislation in Croatia on the kind of egg production, and therefore no market evaluation of eggs produced “out” of cages. Also, new problems need to be taken into consideration which will arise with a new kind of production – issues on genetics, management, prevention and hygiene. Also, economical viability of production should be taken into account: reducing production costs, to improving ambient control where necessary and control production, with the target to reduce costs to the lowest possible level, and simultaneously maintain optimal conditions within a farm.

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