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Spraying Mrs. Waldrip's orchard, 1914

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Spraying Mrs. Waldrip's orchard. A team of two horses pull a wagon of crop stray for the two men who are spraying the orchard trees. Ochards were the first paying crops on Orcas. Jessie Waldrip lived across the road to the north of Jim Geoghegan. Her farm is famous for the Gothic double barrelled arch barn designed by a Mr. W.H.H. Wilcox of Seattle. Wilcox is well known for his work in the Alaska Yukon Exposition. He founded the School of Archtecture in the University of Washington, and the University of Oregon. This barn is the only one of its type in the San Juan Islands, and is an Eastsound landmark on Mount Baker Road across from the skate park.

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