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Underway physical oceanography and carbon dioxide measurements during Ryofu Maru III cruise RF0201

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DOI: 10.1594/pangaea.814171
  • 49Up20020126-Track
  • Algorithm
  • Depth
  • Bathymetric
  • Interpolated
  • Distance
  • Extracted From Globalview-Co2
  • Extracted From The 2-Minute Gridded Global Relief Data (Etopo2)
  • Extracted From The Ncep/Ncar 40-Year Reanalysis Project
  • Extracted From The World Ocean Atlas 2005
  • Fugacity Of Carbon Dioxide (Water) At Sea Surface Temperature (Wet Air)
  • Pressure
  • Atmospheric
  • Pressure
  • Atmospheric
  • Interpolated
  • Quality Flag
  • Recomputed After Socat (Pfeil Et Al
  • 2011)
  • Rf0201
  • Ryofu Maru
  • Salinity
  • Salinity
  • Interpolated
  • Socat
  • Surface Ocean Co2 Atlas Project
  • Temperature
  • Water
  • Temperature At Equilibration
  • Underway Cruise Track Measurements
  • Xco2 (Air)
  • Interpolated
  • Xco2 (Water) At Equilibrator Temperature (Dry Air)
  • Computer Science


RyofuMaru3_metadata Metadata form for underway measurement systems ( * =mandatory field) Please submit this form to Benjamin Pfeil ([email protected]) to be filled out by the scientist To be filled ou by the data management Investigator* Name* Shu Saito Organization* Marine Division, Global Environment and Marine Depertment, Japan Meteorological Agency Address* 1-3-4 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Phone* +81-3-3212-8341 Ext.5133 Email* Dataset_Info* Dataset ID* Initial Submission: (YYYYMMDD) 20040621 Revised Submission: (YYYYMMDD) 20120224 Cruise_Info* Experiment Name* Cruise ID RF0001 - RF0906 Section (Leg) Geographical Coverage* Geographical Region Western Pacific Ocean Westernmost Longitude: Enter decimal fractions of degrees: (+ = E, - = W) 127.08 or Degrees, Minutes, Seconds: East West Easternmost Longitude: Enter decimal fractions of degrees: (+ = E, - = W) 176.13 or Degrees, Minutes, Seconds: East West Northernmost Latitude: Enter decimal fractions of degrees: (+ = N, - = S) 50.03 or Degrees, Minutes, Seconds: North South Southernmost Latitude: Enter decimal fractions of degrees: (+ = N, - = S) -6 or Degrees, Minutes, Seconds: North South Temporal Coverage Start Date: (YYYYMMDD) 20000122 End Date: (YYYYMMDD) 20090706 Ports of Call Vessel* Vessel Name Vessel ID 49UP Country Japan Vessel Owner Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Variables Info* Variable Variable Name* xCO2a Variable Name* xCO2eq Variable Name* Atmospheric pressure at sea-surface pressure (hPa) Variable Name* TmpEq Variable Name* SST In situ sea surface temperature (°C) Variable Name* SSS Method Description* Equilibrator Design Equilibrator Type Equilibrator Volume (L) 2 (air), 20 (seawater) Water Flow Rate (L/min) 5 Headspace Gas Flow Rate (L/min) 0.5 Vented yes Measurement Method Infra-red analysis on dry gas Japan Fine Products Co., Ltd. (Japan) CO2 Sensors CO2 Sensor Infrared

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