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Energy levels of B10

Nuclear Physics
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DOI: 10.1016/0029-5582(64)90219-6
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Abstract The level structure in B 10 revealed through the Be 9+p reaction in the energy region 0.7 < E p < 2.0 MeV, is examined in light of new absolute cross section measurements for radiative capture and analysis of the (p, d) differential cross sections previously reported in the literature. Radiative widths of prominent branches for resonance levels at E p=938, 992, 1084 and 1290 keV are determined. Spectroscopic designations and reduced widths are assigned and discussed for seven levels corresponding to resonances at 938, 980, 992, 1084, 1150, 1290 and 1650 keV. Proposed spins and parities are 2 −, 2 +, 2 −, 0 +, 1 +, 2 − and 2 −, respectively. An alternate assignment of 1 + and 2 − for the levels at E p = 938 and 1150 keV is also possible with the additional possibility that 1150 and 1290 levels are in fact identical. The level at E p = 1650 keV may be 2 + in character. Three more hindrance factors illustrative of the Morpurgo rule are determined for the proposed branching ratios in the decay of the 3.58 MeV level in B 10, in view of a newly discovered E2 branch in this decay.

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