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This research study is aimed at revealing the influence of stressors in Satria Nusantara pre-elementary breathing exercise training towards the reduction of the level of stress hormone (Kartisol). This is an experimental research, using Randomized pretest-posttest control group design. The number of samples used in the treatment group and control group is 15 people respectively. Elisa method was used as the technique of laboratory examination. Data analysis was done through t-test, using SPSS program for Windows. Based on the results of t test analysis on Kartisol variables, there were significant differences between treatment group and control group with p = 0.002 (p <0.05). In this Kartisol variables, there was also reduction in treatment groups of 4.77 ng/ml and 0.83 ng/ml in the control group. The difference was due to breathing exercise treatment using breath control and dhikr so that psychologically treatment group will be more calm, relaxed compared to the control group. Thus breathing exercise can be one of the cheap, effective alternative exercise to reduce stress hormone levels (Kartisol). With relatively low levels of Kartisol, it will provide an opportunity for lymphocytes T to produce interleukin 2 (Th1) and interleukin 4 (Th2). Interleukin will stimulate plasma cells to produce immunoglobulin. By the increase of the activity of plasma cells, IgG also indirectly increases. Thereby, the reduction of Kartisol has a positive influence on the increase of immunoglobulin G. Based on the findings, the Satria Nusantara breathing exercise can be used as a model of alternative sports in order to improve body endurance. Key words: Influence, breathing exercise, reduction, Kartisol.

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