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HRAS1-selected chromosome transfer generates markers that colocalize aniridia- and genitourinary dysplasia-associated translocation breakpoints and the Wilms tumor gene within band 11p13.

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We show that chromosome-mediated gene transfer can provide an enriched source of DNA markers for predetermined, subchromosomal regions of the human genome. Forty-four human DNA recombinants isolated from a HRAS1-selected chromosome-mediated gene transformant map exclusively to chromosome 11, with several sublocalizing to the Wilms tumor region at 11p13. We present a detailed molecular map of the deletion chromosomes 11 from five WAGR (Wilms tumor/aniridia/genitourinary abnormalities/mental retardation) syndrome patients, three of which are at the limits of cytogenetic resolution but shown here to be molecularly distinguishable and overlapping. We can define ten distinct regions of the short arm of chromosome 11, five of which subdivide band 11p13. We also map two independent 11p13 translocation breakpoints to within the smallest region of overlap defined by the WAGR deletions. The first comes from a patient with familial aniridia, and the second from a patient with Potter facies and genitourinary dysplasia. The close similarities in map location and affected cell lineage for Wilms tumor and genitourinary dysplasia suggest that they may be alternative manifestations of mutation at the same locus.

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