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Theatre efficiency

College of Anaesthesiologists of Sri Lanka
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College of Anaesthesiologists of Sri Lanka 72 Editorial II THEATRE EFFICIENCY In Sri Lanka, there is a large workload involving the operating theatres of a hospital. Majority of the time they are efficiently run but there is still room for us to improve on safety and quality of care for the patient and for optimal use of resources. The most important elements in efficient use of our operating theatres are good planning, management and communication. The patient A patient, if any of us were one, would prefer to be brought to the theatre just before the surgery is due to commence, without languishing in a waiting area, which makes it important that the theatre list is planned well by the surgical and anaesthetic team. It is important that the patient is received at the theatre entrance, there is communication with them by an appropriate member of theatre staff and made to feel comfortable. Ensuring privacy and dignity for a patient is of utmost importance. In our busy operating theatres we often forget this aspect and tend to anaesthetise and operate two patients in the same operating room, which I am sure is an unpleasant experience for one, if not under a general anaesthetic. There should be efficient communication between the theatre and ward staff so that the patients are prepared, especially if there is rescheduling of the list. Having adequate staff for transport of patients to and from theatre improves efficiency. A nursing officer been available to accompany the patient from theatre to the ward would ensure the safety of the patient, which is a good practice we could adopt. Recovery areas which are not so well organised in our set up should be adequately staffed with senior staff members and suitably equipped. Admissions to HDU/ITU if planned early would prevent blockade of the flow of the operating list. Operating list management Early availability of the operating lists for the ward, theatre a

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