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Operation Allied Force and Limits of the Airpower

Croatian Sociological Association and Jesenski & Turk Publishing House
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  • Operacija Allied Force
  • Zračna Moć
  • Teorije Zračne Moći
  • Zračna Moć Kao Sredstvo Prisile
  • Analiza Operacije Allied Force
  • Operation Allied Force
  • Airpower
  • Airpower Theories
  • Coercive Airpower
  • Operation Allied Force Analysis
  • Economics
  • Political Science


Operation Allied Force can’t be taken as a proof of the idea of winning war by using airpower alone, which was expressed in the works of the early prophets of the airpower (Dhouet, Trenchard, Mitchell). This military operation must be analysed in the framework of the concept of coercive airpower operations, instead of using early airpower theories (today, the value of the early airpower theories is primary historical). Together with other successful examples of coercive airpower operations, operation Allied Force showed that airpower application can be successful only if it’s combined with parallel implementation of different political, economical and military measures.

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