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Unsteady three-dimensional boundary layer flow over a flat plate with attached cylinder

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The unsteady laminar incompressible three-dimensional boundary layer flow and heat transfer on a flat plate with an attached cylinder have been studied when the free stream velocity components and wall temperature vary inversely as linear and quadratic functions of time, respectively. The governing semisimilar partial differential equations with three independent variables have been solved numerically using a quasilinear finite-difference scheme. The results indicate that the skin friction increases with parameter ? which characterizes the unsteadiness in the free stream velocity and the streamwise distance Image , but the heat transfer decreases. However, the skin friction and heat transfer are found to change little along Image . The effect of the Prandtl number on the heat transfer is found to be more pronounced when ? is small, whereas the effect of the dissipation parameter is more pronounced when ? is comparatively large.

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