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University students’ knowledge of AIDS

International Journal of Nursing Studies
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DOI: 10.1016/s0020-7489(00)00022-5
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Abstract In this paper, a cross-sectional exploratory design is utilized for the purpose of assessing the knowledge level of HIV/AIDS infection among a convenient sample of university students. The sample consisted of 1013 students at the Bachelor’s level across the university faculties (Scientific, Medical and Humanities). Chi-square test of significance was utilized to examine crucial differences amongst students regarding their self-assessed, as well as, general knowledge of HIV/AIDS. The results indicated the presence of a “knowledge-deficit” problem among the students in terms of what can or cannot transmit HIV/AIDS, taking into consideration that 54% of the students stated that they “knew very little about AIDS” and 14% said that they “never heard about AIDS”. Moreover, the results revealed the presence of certain misconceptions (myths) with regard to students’ general knowledge of HIV/AIDS. Significant differences in the students’ level of knowledge appear in relation with students’ age, sex, academic level of university education and the faculty they attend. The study explains these results and comes out with appropriate recommendations, the most important of which is the need for introducing a tailored-cut course on HIV/AIDS to be offered to students as part of their study plans/curricula.

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