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Evaluasi kelayakan usaha perkebunan kelapa sawit rakyat (studi kasus di desa buluh nipis, kecamatan siak hulu, kabupaten kampar)

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The purpose of this study is to evaluate the Feasibility of Oil Palm Business Plantation Citizenry (A Case Study in Buluh Nipis Village, Siak Hulu Sub-District, Kampar District, Riau Province). Goals of this research are to analyse : (1) market aspect, (2) technical aspect, (3) financial aspect with the sentivity analysis as one of the analysis that is conductecd in this research, (4) the human resources and organizational aspect, and (5) environmental aspect. The findings of this research conclude that : (1) market aspect are homogeneous garden products (Fresh Fruit Bunches), access infrastructure that supports, Fresh Fruit Bunches (FFB) offering to the market is always absorbed out by agents, labor readily available because of the many people in Buluh Nipis Village, FFB(Fresh Fruit Bunches) selling price set by the provincial plantation office and the district even though the price fluctuations may occur due to market. Those things that make the quality of the market aspects of feasibility can be met, (2) technical aspect are norm of oil palm plantations by planters in the village of Buluh Nipis many who do not meet the eligibility standards for Indonesian Oil Palm Research Institute (IOPRI), these stages are stages of land clearing, planting stage sub-pulses are not performed by planters in the village Buluh Nipis. The maintenance phase has not produced crops, sub-stage that are not performed by the planters are maintenance facilities, pest and disease control, weed eradication and maintenance of soil cover, plus the end of the plant has not produced did planters harvest preparation. In the maintenance stage of crop yield (TM) sub-stage that is not done by planters are infrastructure maintenance, pest and disease control and maintenance of ground cover. So with several sub-stages that are not made and does not meet the standards IOPRI, the feasibility of the technical aspects can not be met. From the financial aspect are fulfillment of oil palm plantations feasibility of citizenry on the financial aspect is at discount rate 18%, has a 19.82% IRR, positive NPV of Rp 607,727, - and BC Ratio of 1.050. So that oil palm business plantation citizenry in the village of Buluh Nipis eligible to run. (4) the human resources and organizational aspects are needs a lot of labor that is divided into three stages, making the need grouping in the division of work in the field for operational workers. Are regrouped into three groups, namely the maintenance of the plants, fertilizing and penunasan groups and groups of workers harvesting. With the grouping of workers, would be easier to manage human resources and the effectiveness of the work did not overlap and interfere. And (5) environmental aspect are many activities both on land clearing, maintenance of the plants have not produced and produced, not in accordance with the RSPO guidelines. Expected to increase the volume of the garden, which will be followed by an increase in revenue garden, will improve and perform each stage and sub-stages that are not performed or not in accordance with the RSPO guidelines.

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