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Battery effects in organic photovoltaics based on polybithiophene

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  • Homopolymer Photovoltaic Devices Based On Thin Films Of Polybithiophene
  • Prepared By Direct Electrodeposition
  • Onto Transparent Fluorine-Doped Tin Oxide Electrodes Followed By Evaporation Of An Aluminium Electro
  • Were Reported By Leguenza Et Al
  • [J
  • Solid State Electrochem
  • 11 (2007) 577
  • ] To Exhibit Very High Open-Circuit Voltages (V-Oc) Of Up To 2 V At A Very Low Light Intensity Of 6
  • 6 W M(-2)
  • In This Letter
  • We Report Our Attempts To Reproduce The Results
  • We Achieved V-Oc'S 200 W M(-2)) And At High Current Densities (&Gt
  • 1 Ma Cm(-2)) Which Has Not Been Achieved Yet
  • (C) 2007 Elsevier B
  • V
  • All Rights Reserved


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