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Protecting our environment. Europe on the move 1993

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PROTECTINC OUR ENVIRONMENT User Rectangle User Rectangle User Rectangle User Rectangle User Rectangle trI uture generations have the same right as we have to Clean air, clear water and green forests. This right is under threat. The danger to the envi- ronment posed by the uncontrolled exploitation of the earth's natural resources is now univer- sally recognized. This is why the European Community" and governments around the world have accepted the principle of sustainable devel- opment. The aim is to match our future produc- tion and consumption patterns to what our planet and its environment can sustain in the long term. The phenomenon of global warming, the depletion of the earth's protective ozone layer and the wanton destruction of tropical forests are just three instances where the limits of sustainability have been exceeded. The Community has adopted a programme which is proactive rather than reactive. After two decades of mainly corrective action, which was not always successful, the Community now focuses on partnership and shared responsibility to pre- vent and, where possible, to reverse environmen- tal degradation. lt is seeking, from a coalition of government, industry and consumers, a commit- ment to conserve resources/ recycle used pro- ducts, dispose of waste safely and develop environmentally-friendly energy sources. ln this woy, we can continue economic and social development without compromising the needs of our children's children. THE CHALLENCE Clobal warnrinffiffiensuing, cli- nr.rti( ch,rnges Wfficl tr.rnsform Srcial progress anrl ec:rn.mic well- t:-ryilMffit]h iil: itl9 rrt'irrg irr ,,n,r "i'"*i'*'" il"iffil:l llli::iilt:'?rlepenrl .n ,rr rivrries *r'.,.'n',r"p[i.. ic-e t'rffi t!,ll9l: ti::p,":il1 the earrh,s resources .na *ni.-t.lI mumyg;iit'cleIradation that faces c.use p.rrr-rtirn. rn" rit,,,rr,.tr;il'ffi,,m,lflncl, lt is causeci by the release rreecl ancl the vital services we use - s[ Sfsenhouse f]ases into the,9tt.u:- from transportatio

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