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Letter from Joshua Lederberg to L. J. Schneiderman

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  • Biology


January 9, 1975 Dr. Larry Schmiderman Department of C awmunity Medicine School ofMedicine Unhereity of California, Ssn Diego La Jolla, californir 92039 Dear Larry, Thank you for your note of January 6th. yes, I was Sndeed interested to have your proposal on merdicine and hmen%tiea. In fact, for the last few weeks I have been wllecting a veriety of material on the 8omewhat comparable isaue of the repreeentntion of the ecientlet in literature. I do not think thicl isr a job that ha8 been well done and certainly would look forward to your own production. I have been aeeembl%ng eoam bibliography in this f1ed.d and when It ie fa a eoumwhat more orderly ehape than it ie ‘10~~ I would be delighted at the opportunity to exchange it with you. I do not have any very sharply focuesed objective in all of thti au you do but I had wanted to we same fictioual material in a seminar that I wfll be expertiting tith pretty soon and which is explained in the encloeuren. S have aloo been doing mme -ial-historkal study on the orlglns of molecular biology and microbial geuetlccr and the mderlylag myths that both promoted and krhibited the convergence of theme diec$pllnee. They do have scme representation in literature and 80 I was also interested to try to pul&.$n that kind of evideme aa to the self-Image of theee scfencea, and of eciencr in general over varkme periods. Thie fe iarportant evidence of popular ~lythoe but, of course, ha8 to be taken veryr very cautiously since the writer of the novel ia do%ng far xmra than exhlbi.tIng a eoclal sofence exper%nmt. If we do have a chance to get together before you otart your sabbatical, I would be delishred to diecws our various projects. I certainly do agree with your statement that “I have found no eolid work dealing with medklae and literature along the themea which I have propomed and frcPa the perspective...“. Lois DeBakey ham, of course, been publtehfng various part8 of her Ph.D. thesie, but if nothing elm, her empha

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