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유치원 교사의 집단 반성적 사고를 기초로 한 교사 재교육 프로그램 모형 개발

  • 집단 반영적 자기성찰
  • 교사 재교육
  • 유치원 교사
  • Education


The purpose of this study was to investigate the characteristic of learning process of kindergarten teachers based on group self-reflection and to develop the in-service education program model. The subjects of this study were 24 kindergarten teachers in the large, middle, and small towns. The research methods were participatory research approach, action research, case study, and theme central interaction. Analysis and evaluation of materials were done by the qualitative method based on paraphrase and interpretation of Lamnek(1995), GlaserㆍStrauss(1979) and the stage analysis method of BogdanㆍBiklen(1991). The results showed that the characteristic of learning process was developed by 4 stages in proportion to the number of group works and the in-service education program model was suggested by 4 factors with aims and objectives, contents, educational methods, and evaluations.

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