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Croatian Activity in Euromelanoma Day, May 5, 2008

Acta Dermatovenerologica Croatica; [email protected]
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46 This 66th annual gathering, running from Feb- ruary 1 through 5, 2008, was held in San Anto- nio, a former frontier town of New Spain whose original civilian population in 1731 was colonists from the Canary Islands requiring special Royal encouragement, as true peninsulares (Spanish- born Spaniards) were reticent to settle there. This meeting brought together approximately 13,000 dermatologists from around the globe under the flag of the Republic of Texas, an independent na- tion for a decade after the final Texan victory at San Jacinto avenged the defeat at the presidio in San Antonio, known as the Alamo, which was overwhelmed in 1836 by vastly superior forces personally headed by Mexican President General Antonio López de Santa Ana. Dignitaries included Torello M. Lotti (Secretary-General, International Society of Dermatology), Alberto Giannetti (Presi- dent of both the European Academy of Dermatol- ogy and the Italian Society of Dermatology), Jana 66th Annual Meeting, American Academy of Dermatology, San Antonio, Texas, 2008 Hercogová (President of the Czech Academy of Dermatology and Venereology and Congress President, 10th International Congress of Derma- tology), Yahya Dowlati MD, PhD (President, Irani- an Society of Dermatology and President, 8th Ira- nian International Congress of the Iranian Society of Dermatology), Ramón Ruíz-Maldonado (Presi- dent, International Society of Dermatology), Luis Hernando Moreno Macías of Cali (President, As- sociación Columbiana de Dermatología y Cirugía Dermatológica), Andris Y. Rubins (President, Bal- tic Association of Dermatovenerologists), Rafael Falabella (Congress President, XXVII Congresso Colombiano de Dermatologia), Giuseppe Micali (50th Annual Howard Fox MD Memorial Lecturer), Ricardo Galimberti (President, World Congress of Dermatology 2007), and Evangeline B. Handog (Past President, Philippine Society of Cutaneous Fig 1. Presiden

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