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Resolving the paradox of a multicultural society : the use of international folktales for the promotion of multicultural values in the classroom

McGill University
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  • Multicultural Education.
  • Tales -- Study And Teaching (Elementary).
  • Anthropology
  • Design
  • Education


I have developed a curriculum that uses international folktales to promote multicultural values without imposing them. This thesis is a holistic rendering of theory and practice in respect to the curriculum developed. The theory emphasizes multiculturalism and folktales as children's literature with a brief discussion of values education, qualitative research, anthropology, and curriculum design. The research comprises the procedures, results, and conclusions of a pilot study exploring children's value responses to international folktales and a principal study of teaching the curriculum to a sixth grade class. Through the synthesis of theory and practice a better understanding of multiculturalism emerges along with a researched curriculum.

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