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FORTRAN code for Heterogeinity, Aggregate Uncertainty and the Short-Term Interest Rate

  • Computer Science
  • Economics


In this paper we solve heterogenous agents models using the parameterized expectations algorithm (PEA) and the policy function iterations algorithm (PFI). The problem in solving these models is that the wealth distribution belongs to the set of state variables. We solve this problem by approximating the distribution with a limited set of moments or percentiles. We find that the number of types has a small effect on the average interest rate and consumption smoothing. The included programs are: PEA program with percentiles from section 3 (xxpe6.f), PEA program with moments from section 3 (xxpe7.f), PFI program from section 3 (xx5.f), Simulation PFI program from section 3 (xxsim5.f), PEA program from section 4 (a3agg.f).

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