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Soft Rough Approximation Operators and Related Results

Journal of Applied Mathematics
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  • Logic
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Soft set theory is a newly emerging tool to deal with uncertain problems. Based on soft sets, soft rough approximation operators are introduced, and soft rough sets are defined by using soft rough approximation operators. Soft rough sets, which could provide a better approximation than rough sets do, can be seen as a generalized rough set model. This paper is devoted to investigating soft rough approximation operations and relationships among soft sets, soft rough sets, and topologies. We consider four pairs of soft rough approximation operators and give their properties. Four sorts of soft rough sets are investigated, and their related properties are given. We show that Pawlak's rough set model can be viewed as a special case of soft rough sets, obtain the structure of soft rough sets, give the structure of topologies induced by a soft set, and reveal that every topological space on the initial universe is a soft approximating space.

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