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Letter from G. S. Wilson to Joshua Lederberg

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MEDICAL RESEARCH COUNCIL 38 OLD QUEEN STREET * WESTMINSTER * LONDON, S.W.l Cables : MEDRESCO, LONDON 19th -oh, 1953. Dear Professer Lederberg, Dr. A. Bernstein I understand that Dr. Bernstein is applying for a research appointment in your Department. starting next September and lasting for two years. Dr. Bernstein, after serving in the .Royal Blzpry Medical Corps for 24 hears, joined the Public Health Laboratory Service in kIsy, 1949. Since then he has been receiving a training in patho&gy, including morbid anatomy, morbid histology, haematology, biochemistry and bacteriology. He took the formal course for the Diploma inBacteriology at the London School of Hygiene andTropicalMedicine, andwas successful in gaining his diploma. For the past SIX months he has been working in the Public Health I&oratory at Manchester. Dr. Bernstein is 30 years of age, and unmarried. He is one of the young pathologists who is determined to specialize in bacteriology, and who is very keen on research work. I thinkhe willbynowhave got a sufficient background to enable him to profit from a stay in your lab- oratory, though his knowledge on the genetical and statistical side is below that of Dr. Spicer, whom you were recently good enough to entertain. Dr. Bernstein himself is very anxious to be given of working with you, and I am sum will do his best to take of the opportunity if you give it to him. Yours sincerely, G.S. Wil&. the opportunity full advantage Professor J. Lederberg, Department of Genetics, Wisconsin University, Mad., United States of America.

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