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Letter from Olavi Makela to Joshua Lederberg

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INSTITUTUM SERO-BACTERIOLOGICUM UNIVERSITATIS Helsinki Helsingfors 11th Xarch, 1959 HELSINKI - HELSINGFORS SUOMI -. FINLAND Professor J. Lederberg Department of Genetics School of Medicine Stanford University Stanford, California Dear last Professor Lederberg, Thank you for the kind greeting from Stockholm December. I have been informed that a fellowship has been awarded to me for research work at Stanford University. Thus I can confirm our agreement on my part. As soon as possible I shall let you know the sheduled day of arrival in September. Dr. Ensgraber has written to me and described the technique used by him when he studied the glycosidase activ- ity of lectin preparations. A copy of the letter is enclosed. I also enclose a manuscript which describes the ability of lectins to differentiate between- and6 glycosides. i?e have continued these experiments byv studying germinating seeds of Pisum sativum (containing a lectin which is inhibited by &glucosides )aburnum alpinum (contains a lectin which is inhibited bye-glucosides). The seeds were ground and extracted with 0.1 M phosphate buffer, pH 5.9. The centri- fuged extract (one part) was mixed with 1 $ aqueous sBgar solution (five parts) and the mixture incubated at 37 for 48 hours. Both extracts splitted maltose &-glucoside) but not cellobiose (e-glucoside). The above results seem not to support the vieIT that lectins and glycosidases have connections. However, I should very much like to continue this Stafiford if nossible. The bacterial glycosidases and hemagglutinins would'be especially interesting. With kind regards, Sincerely yours oL2m Olavi I$KkelZ

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