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Purification of Antibodies Specific to a Dinucleotide Using the Hapten Bound to Deae Cellulose as an Affinity Column

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  • Biochemistry


The dinucleotide dpTpA held electrostatically on DEAE cellulose was used as an affinity column for the purification of dpTpA specific antibodies. Chromatography of the y-globulin fraction from dpTpA specific antisera on this column resulted in the retention of dpTpA specific antibodies which were later eluted along with the bound dpTpA using 1M NaC1. Dextran coated charcoal was the method of choice for the dissociation and removal of dpTpA bound to the antibodies. This method may extend itself to the purification of antibodies specific for other oligonucleotides.

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