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Key objectives bank. Year 8

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5700 Yr8 Key Object. Bank pages Contents Page Introduction 3 Teaching word level objectives 4 Word level objective 4: Complex and unfamiliar words 5 Word level objective 6: Spelling strategies 8 Word level objective 10: Prepositions and connectives 11 Teaching sentence level objectives 14 Sentence level objective 1: Complex sentences 16 Sentence level objective 6: Grouping sentences 19 Sentence level objective 10: Informal to formal 23 Sentence level objective 11: Standard English and dialect 25 Teaching reading objectives 30 Reading objective 2: Independent research 31 Reading objective 5: Trace developments 34 Reading objective 10: Development of key ideas 37 Reading objective 13: Interpret a text 41 Teaching writing objectives 46 Writing objective 2: Anticipate reader reaction 47 Writing objective 5: Narrative commentary 51 Writing objective 11: Explain complex ideas 54 Writing objective 14: Develop and signpost arguments 57 Writing objective 16: Balanced analysis 61 Teaching speaking and listening objectives 64 Speaking and listening objective 1: Evaluate own speaking 66 Speaking and listening objective 7: Listen for a specific purpose 69 Speaking and listening objective 10: Hypothesis and speculation 74 Speaking and listening objective 16: Collaborative presentation 78 3 Key Objectives Bank: Year 8 Introduction Key Objectives In each sub-section of the Framework, certain key objectives have been identified in boldface print. These objectives are key because they signify skills or understanding which are crucial to pupils’ language development. They are challenging for the age group, and selected because they are important markers of progress. They are not the only signs of progress, but they are critical ones. They have been selected to help teachers in defining targets and as a focus for assessment. Over the three years of the key stage, the objectives trace a critical path of progress for pupils. In some cases, the objectives address the same developing skills over thre

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