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Relationship between the commu-phobic tendency and psychological stress responses in Japanese university students

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  • Commu-Phobic Tendency
  • Anthropophobic Tendency
  • Psychological Stress Responses
  • Adolescents
  • ふれ合い恐怖的心性
  • 対人恐怖心性
  • 心理的ストレス反応
  • 青年期
  • Psychology


The purpose of the present research was to examine the relationship between the "commu-phobic tendency" and the psychological stress responses among contemporary university students. One hundred twenty six university students (39 males, 87 females) completed questionnaires based on the commu-phobic tendency scale, stress self-rating scale, and stress response scale (SRS)-18. Factor analysis of the commu-phobic tendency scale produced four factors: "interpersonal refusal," "desire for isolation," "superficial relationships," and "interpersonal over-adaptation." The results of multiple regression analyses showed that stress responses such as depression, anxiety, anger, emotional confusion, withdrawal, autonomic nervous acceleration, and physical fatigue were positively correlated with interpersonal refusal, desire for isolation, and superficial relationships. These results suggest that "commu-phobic adolescents" who withdraw from interpersonal relationships showed a high level of psychological stress responses.

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